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The Future of Fire Extinguisher has finally arrived

You know them since decades: the old and boring red fire extinguishers, which need plenty of space and always been hidden because of less attractiveness.

Mab fire extinguisher

MAB is a top technological  product a fire extinguisher, designed as grenade with new technological achievement and unique formula of the chemical solution contained in a resin bottle –Fire Killer’s patented  technological breakthrough.Most fires could be controlled if it is discovered at the initial stage.                                       

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Mabo automatic fire extinguisher

MABO is an automatic fire fighting product which extinguishes the fire by the dispersion of a glass ampoule containing a chemical solution which remains on the burning surface as a coating that will prevent reignition.MABO fire killer is absolutely the most effective system for fire extinguishing with a unique formula of solution of only 580 ml.

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Safety products

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